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Are you a nurse looking for new opportunities to explore the world while helping those in need? Consider becoming a travel nurse with VCU Health System. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this exciting and rewarding career path.

What is a VCU Travel Nurse?

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A travel nurse is a registered nurse who takes temporary assignments in different healthcare facilities across the country. VCU Health System is one of the most reputable and recognized healthcare systems in Virginia, offering travel nursing opportunities in various specialties including critical care, emergency, medical/surgical, and more.

Why Become a VCU Travel Nurse?

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There are numerous benefits to becoming a travel nurse with VCU Health System. Firstly, you will have the opportunity to work with different patient populations and healthcare teams, which can enhance your skills and professional development. You will also receive competitive pay packages, generous housing allowances, and flexible scheduling options.

As a VCU travel nurse, you will also have access to top-notch healthcare benefits, retirement plans, and continuing education opportunities. Furthermore, you will have the chance to explore new cities and cultures, meet new people, and make lifelong memories.

How to Become a VCU Travel Nurse

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Before becoming a VCU travel nurse, you must meet certain requirements. Firstly, you must hold an active nursing license in the state(s) where you plan to work. You must also have a minimum of two years of clinical experience and possess excellent communication and critical thinking skills.

In addition, VCU Health System requires travel nurses to have current BLS and ACLS certifications, as well as specialty-specific certifications. You will also need to complete an extensive application process, including submitting your resume, references, and undergoing a background check and drug screening.

What to Expect as a VCU Travel Nurse

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As a VCU travel nurse, you will be responsible for delivering quality patient care in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. You will collaborate with other healthcare professionals to assess patients, develop care plans, and implement interventions.

You will also need to be adaptable and flexible, as you will be working in different healthcare environments with varying patient acuity levels. You may work day or night shifts, weekends, and holidays, depending on the facility’s needs.


Q: How long are VCU travel nurse assignments? A: Assignments typically range from 8-26 weeks, depending on the facility’s needs and the nurse’s availability.
Q: Do VCU travel nurses have to pay for their own housing? A: No, VCU Health System provides generous housing allowances for travel nurses.
Q: What is the average salary for a VCU travel nurse? A: According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a VCU travel nurse is $82,000 per year.
Q: Can travel nurses choose where they want to work? A: Yes, travel nurses can choose which assignments they want to take based on their preferences and availability.


Becoming a VCU travel nurse is an excellent career move for nurses who want to explore the world while making a positive impact on patients’ lives. With competitive pay packages, flexible scheduling options, and top-notch healthcare benefits, VCU Health System offers some of the best travel nursing opportunities in the country. If you meet the requirements and are looking for a new challenge, consider becoming a VCU travel nurse today.