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Traveling is a wonderful experience that allows you to explore new places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. However, traveling also comes with its fair share of risks, including illness, injury, and theft. That’s where travel insurance comes in, and one of the best options available is Travel Select Insurance.

What is Travel Select Insurance?

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Travel Select Insurance is a comprehensive travel insurance plan offered by Travelex Insurance Services. It provides coverage for a wide range of travel-related issues, including trip cancellation or interruption, emergency medical and dental expenses, baggage loss or delay, and more.

What Does Travel Select Insurance Cover?

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Travel Select Insurance covers a variety of travel-related issues, including:

  • Trip cancellation or interruption due to illness, injury, or death of the traveler, a traveling companion or family member
  • Emergency medical and dental expenses
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Baggage loss or delay
  • Travel delay or missed connections
  • 24/7 travel assistance services

How Much Does Travel Select Insurance Cost?

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The cost of Travel Select Insurance varies depending on factors such as the traveler’s age, trip length, and coverage amount. However, the average cost is around 4-8% of the total trip cost.

How Do I Purchase Travel Select Insurance?

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You can purchase Travel Select Insurance directly from Travelex Insurance Services or through a licensed travel insurance agent. You’ll need to provide some basic information about your trip, including the trip dates, destination, and total trip cost.

What Are the Benefits of Travel Select Insurance?

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The benefits of Travel Select Insurance include:

  • Comprehensive coverage for a wide range of travel-related issues
  • 24/7 travel assistance services
  • Flexibility to customize your coverage based on your needs
  • A+ rated underwriter

What Are Some Additional Tips for Traveling Safely?

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While travel insurance can provide peace of mind, there are also some additional tips for traveling safely:

  • Research your destination and be aware of any safety or health risks
  • Carry a copy of your passport and important documents in case of theft or loss
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or valuables
  • Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings
  • Have a plan in case of emergencies


Travel Select Insurance is an excellent choice for anyone planning a trip, as it provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of travel-related issues. By purchasing Travel Select Insurance, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you’re protected against the unexpected.