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Are you a registered nurse (RN) looking for adventure and exciting career opportunities? Look no further than Minneapolis, Minnesota! The largest city in the state is a hub of medical facilities and offers a plethora of travel RN jobs.

What are Travel RN Jobs?

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Travel RN jobs involve temporary assignments that allow RNs to work in different locations across the country. These assignments can last from a few weeks to several months and can be found in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.

Travel RN jobs offer many benefits such as higher pay, travel and housing allowances, and the opportunity to gain valuable experience in different healthcare facilities.

Why Choose Minneapolis for Travel RN Jobs?

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Minneapolis is home to top-ranked medical facilities such as Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the University of Minnesota Medical Center. The city offers a diverse range of healthcare settings where RNs can gain valuable experience.

Minneapolis is also a vibrant and exciting city with a thriving arts and culture scene, countless restaurants and bars, and beautiful outdoor spaces such as Minnehaha Regional Park and Lake Calhoun.

How to Find Travel RN Jobs in Minneapolis?

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There are many online resources available for RNs looking for travel assignments in Minneapolis. Job search websites such as Indeed and Monster have listings for travel RN jobs in the area. Additionally, travelers can work with staffing agencies such as American Mobile Healthcare and Aya Healthcare to find assignments in Minneapolis.


Q: What are the requirements for travel RN jobs? A: Travel RNs must have an active RN license and a minimum of one year of experience in their specialty.
Q: How much do travel RNs make in Minneapolis? A: Travel RNs in Minneapolis can make anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 per week depending on experience and specialty.
Q: Do travel RNs receive benefits? A: Many staffing agencies offer comprehensive benefits packages that include health insurance, 401(k) plans, and paid time off.
Q: Can travel RNs bring their families with them on assignments? A: Yes, many travel RNs bring their families with them on assignments. Staffing agencies can assist with finding housing and schools for children.


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If you’re a travel RN looking for your next adventure, consider Minneapolis! With its top-ranked healthcare facilities, vibrant city life, and countless opportunities for adventure, Minneapolis is the perfect destination for your next travel assignment.