travel nursing benefits and pay

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Travel nursing is a unique field that offers numerous benefits and competitive pay to registered nurses. This article will explore the world of travel nursing, including the many benefits and pay rates available to those who choose this career path.

What is Travel Nursing?

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Travel nursing is a type of nursing that involves working in temporary positions at healthcare facilities around the country. Travel nurses typically work for a specific period, often between 8 and 26 weeks, before moving on to their next assignment in a different location. This type of nursing is ideal for those who love to travel and experience new things, as well as for those who want to earn competitive pay rates.

Benefits of Travel Nursing

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Travel nursing offers many benefits, including flexible schedules, competitive pay rates, and the opportunity to see new places. Here are some of the key benefits of travel nursing:

  • Flexible schedules: Travel nurses can choose when and where they want to work, allowing them to create a schedule that fits their lifestyle.
  • Competitive pay rates: Travel nurses earn higher pay rates than staff nurses, often with bonuses for taking on more difficult assignments.
  • Travel opportunities: Travel nurses have the opportunity to work in different locations around the country, giving them the chance to see new places and experience new things.
  • Professional development: Travel nursing allows nurses to gain experience in different healthcare settings, which can help them develop their skills and advance their careers.

Pay Rates for Travel Nursing

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Travel nurses typically earn higher pay rates than staff nurses due to the temporary nature of their assignments and the need for specialized skills. According to Glassdoor, the average pay rate for travel nurses in the United States is $40 per hour, with some nurses earning as much as $70 per hour. Pay rates vary depending on the location, type of assignment, and level of experience.


Q: What qualifications do you need to become a travel nurse? A: To become a travel nurse, you must have a valid nursing license and at least one year of experience in your specialty.
Q: How long do travel nursing assignments last? A: Travel nursing assignments typically last between 8 and 26 weeks, depending on the needs of the healthcare facility.
Q: Do travel nurses receive benefits? A: Many travel nursing agencies offer benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
Q: Can travel nurses choose where they want to work? A: Yes, travel nurses have the freedom to choose where they want to work and when they want to work.
Q: How do travel nurses find jobs? A: Travel nurses can find jobs through travel nursing agencies, job boards, and social media.


Travel nursing is a unique field that offers many benefits, including competitive pay rates and the opportunity to see new places. If you’re a registered nurse with at least one year of experience, you may want to consider exploring the world of travel nursing.