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Travel Nursing in Anchorage, Alaska

Travel nursing is a popular career choice for nurses who want to experience new places and work in different healthcare settings. If you’re considering travel nursing in Anchorage, Alaska, there are a few things you should know.

Job Opportunities

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There are plenty of travel nursing opportunities in Anchorage, Alaska. The area has a high demand for healthcare professionals due to its remote location and large population. Some of the top employers for travel nurses in Anchorage include Providence Alaska Medical Center, Alaska Native Medical Center, and Alaska Regional Hospital.

Housing Options

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One of the biggest challenges of travel nursing is finding affordable and convenient housing. In Anchorage, there are several options for travel nurses, including extended stay hotels, short-term housing rentals, and even RV parks. Some agencies also offer assistance with housing placement.

Things to Do

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Anchorage, Alaska is known for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions. During your downtime as a travel nurse, you can explore the area’s national parks, glaciers, and wildlife. You can also check out local museums, art galleries, and restaurants.


Question Answer
What is travel nursing? Travel nursing is a nursing assignment where nurses work temporary contracts in different healthcare facilities and locations.
How long do travel nursing assignments last? Travel nursing assignments can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the facility’s needs and the nurse’s contract.
Do travel nurses get benefits? Many travel nurse agencies offer benefits, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, and housing stipends.
What are the requirements for travel nursing? Travel nurses must be licensed in the state where they will be working and have at least one year of nursing experience.

If you’re interested in travel nursing in Anchorage, Alaska, do your research and find a reputable agency that can help you find job opportunities and housing options that fit your needs.