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Are you passionate about pediatric nursing and love to travel? Then, becoming a travel nurse pediatrics could be the perfect career choice for you. With the demand for pediatric nurses increasing, there’s never been a better time to explore this exciting career path.

What is a travel nurse pediatrics?

A travel nurse pediatrics is a registered nurse who works on a temporary basis in various healthcare facilities or hospitals, providing care to infants, children, and adolescents. These nurses travel to different locations, often across the country, to fill temporary positions and help facilities maintain adequate staffing levels.

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Job description

Travel nurse pediatrics have similar responsibilities to permanent pediatric nurses. They provide care to young patients, including administering medications, performing diagnostic tests, and monitoring vital signs. They also educate patients and their families on medical conditions and treatment plans. Travel nurse pediatrics must be able to adapt quickly to new environments, work well in a team, and have excellent communication skills.

Qualifications and requirements

To become a travel nurse pediatrics, you must first complete a nursing degree program and obtain a registered nurse license. You should also have at least two years of experience working as a pediatric nurse in a hospital or clinical setting. Additional certifications, such as Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) or Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), may also be required.

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Salary and benefits

Travel nurse pediatrics typically earn a higher salary than permanent pediatric nurses due to the temporary nature of their job. The average salary for travel nurse pediatrics is around $90,000 per year, but this can vary depending on location, experience, and the duration of the assignment. Travel nurse pediatrics also enjoy a variety of benefits, such as health insurance, housing, and travel reimbursement.

How to become a travel nurse pediatrics

To become a travel nurse pediatrics, you must first research travel nursing agencies that specialize in pediatrics. Once you’ve found an agency that aligns with your values and goals, you’ll need to complete an application and provide your nursing credentials. The agency will then match you with assignments that fit your interests and experience level.

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Pros and cons of travel nursing pediatrics

Like any career, travel nursing pediatrics has its pros and cons. Some of the pros include the opportunity to travel and explore new places, higher pay, and the ability to gain experience in a variety of settings. However, the cons can include long hours, frequent relocations, and the need to adapt to new environments quickly.


Q: What is the demand for travel nurse pediatrics? A: The demand for travel nurse pediatrics is high, as many healthcare facilities struggle to maintain adequate staffing levels.
Q: Can you choose your assignment location as a travel nurse pediatrics? A: Yes, many travel nursing agencies allow you to choose your preferred assignment location.
Q: How long do travel nurse pediatrics assignments typically last? A: Assignments can vary in length from eight weeks to one year or longer, depending on the facility’s needs.
Q: Can travel nurse pediatrics continue their education while on assignment? A: Yes, many travel nursing agencies offer tuition reimbursement or continuing education opportunities.


Travel nurse pediatrics is an exciting career choice for those who love to travel and are passionate about caring for young patients. With high demand and competitive salaries, it’s never been a better time to explore this rewarding career path.