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Are you a nurse practitioner looking for new opportunities to grow in your career while exploring the beautiful state of New York? Look no further than travel NP jobs in New York!

What are Travel NP Jobs?

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Travel NP jobs allow nurse practitioners to work in various healthcare facilities across different locations for a specified period. These assignments range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the employer’s needs.

Why Choose Travel NP Jobs in New York?

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New York State is one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. From the bustling streets of New York City to the breathtaking views of Niagara Falls, the state offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. As a travel NP in New York, you can experience all the state has to offer while gaining valuable work experience.

What are the Requirements to Work as a Travel NP in New York?

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To work as a travel NP in New York, you must hold a valid nurse practitioner license in the state. Additionally, most employers require at least one year of experience as an NP in the specialty you will be working in. You must also be willing to travel and have excellent communication and organizational skills.

What are the Benefits of Travel NP Jobs in New York?

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Travel NP jobs offer numerous benefits, including competitive pay rates, free housing, and travel reimbursements. Additionally, you can gain valuable experience working in different healthcare settings, which can help you develop your skills and advance your career.

How to Find Travel NP Jobs in New York?

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There are several ways to find travel NP jobs in New York. You can search job boards like Indeed and Monster, or you can work with a recruitment agency specializing in travel healthcare jobs. These agencies can help match you with the right job based on your skills and preferences.

What are the Best Places to Work as a Travel NP in New York?

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New York City offers some of the best opportunities for travel NPs, with numerous hospitals and clinics in need of skilled healthcare professionals. However, other parts of the state, such as Rochester and Buffalo, also offer great options for travel NPs.


If you’re a nurse practitioner looking for a new adventure while advancing your career, travel NP jobs in New York may be the perfect solution. With numerous job opportunities and endless possibilities for exploration and growth, New York is an excellent destination for travel healthcare professionals.