travel cna jobs in illinois

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Are you a certified nursing assistant looking for a change of scenery? Consider travel CNA jobs in Illinois! Not only will you have the opportunity to explore new places, but you’ll also gain valuable experience in the healthcare industry.

What Are Travel CNA Jobs?

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Travel CNA jobs are temporary positions that require certified nursing assistants to work in different healthcare facilities throughout Illinois. These jobs typically last 13 weeks or more, and offer a variety of benefits, including competitive pay, housing, and travel expenses.

Why Choose Travel CNA Jobs in Illinois?


Illinois is a great destination for travel CNA jobs, with its diverse cities, picturesque landscapes, and top-ranking healthcare facilities. The state boasts several nationally recognized hospitals and medical centers, including Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Rush University Medical Center.

Illinois offers a wealth of cultural and recreational activities, from exploring the Windy City of Chicago to hiking in the Shawnee National Forest. With so much to see and do, travel CNA jobs in Illinois are a perfect opportunity to gain professional experience while experiencing all that the state has to offer.

What Are the Requirements for Travel CNA Jobs in Illinois?

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To qualify for travel CNA jobs in Illinois, you must be a certified nursing assistant with a current license in the state. You’ll also need to have at least one year of experience working as a CNA in a healthcare facility, as well as current CPR and BLS certifications.

Additionally, travel CNAs must be flexible and able to adapt to different work environments, as well as have good communication skills and a strong work ethic. You’ll also need to be able to pass a background check and drug screening.

How Do I Apply for Travel CNA Jobs in Illinois?

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To apply for travel CNA jobs in Illinois, you’ll need to research staffing agencies that specialize in healthcare placements, such as Cross Country Nurses or Supplemental Health Care. These agencies typically offer travel CNA positions throughout the state of Illinois, as well as other locations across the country.

You’ll need to submit your resume and application to the agency, and may be asked to complete a phone or in-person interview. Once you’re approved for a position, you’ll work with the agency to coordinate travel and housing arrangements, as well as receive information about your assignment and job duties.


Travel CNA jobs in Illinois provide a unique opportunity to explore new places, gain valuable professional experience, and make a difference in the lives of patients. With its top-notch healthcare facilities, diverse landscapes, and endless activities, Illinois is an ideal destination for travel CNAs looking to expand their horizons. Start your journey today!