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Traveling is a passion shared by many. Whether it’s exploring new cultures, trying out exotic cuisines, or simply enjoying breathtaking scenery, traveling is an experience that enriches our lives. And for Tangerine Travels, it’s all about exploring the world one adventure at a time.

Who are Tangerine Travels?

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Tangerine Travels is a YouTube channel created by a couple named Maddie and Jordan. The couple started their channel in 2017 to document their travels and share their experiences with the world. Since then, the channel has grown to become one of the most popular travel channels on YouTube, with over 700,000 subscribers and millions of views.

What Makes Tangerine Travels Unique?

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What sets Tangerine Travels apart from other travel channels is their nomadic lifestyle. The couple travels full-time in their van, which they have converted into a comfortable living space. This allows them to explore new destinations at their own pace and experience the world in a unique way.

But Tangerine Travels is not just about traveling in style. The couple also shares valuable tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget, how to find affordable accommodation, and how to make the most of your travel experiences.

Where Have Tangerine Travels Been?

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Tangerine Travels has been to many destinations around the world, including Mexico, Canada, and the United States. They have also traveled to South America, Europe, and Asia, and have documented their adventures in each location.

Some of their most popular videos include their travels in Mexico, where they spent several months exploring the country and sharing their experiences with their viewers. Their videos on the beaches of Mexico and the delicious street food have become fan favorites.

Why Should You Follow Tangerine Travels?

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If you’re a travel enthusiast, following Tangerine Travels is a must. Not only will you get to experience the world through their eyes, but you’ll also learn valuable tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget, how to stay safe while traveling, and how to make the most of your travel experiences.

But Tangerine Travels is not just about travel. The couple also shares their personal experiences, including their struggles and triumphs, which make their videos relatable and inspiring. They’re proof that anyone can live their dream of traveling the world, no matter what their circumstances are.


Tangerine Travels is more than just a travel channel. It’s a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to explore the world and experience new adventures. Follow Maddie and Jordan as they continue their journey of discovery, and you’ll be sure to find your own inspiration along the way.

What kind of videos do Tangerine Travels make?

Tangerine Travels makes travel vlogs, which document their adventures around the world. They also share tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget.

How do Tangerine Travels fund their travels?

Tangerine Travels fund their travels through various means, including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and Patreon support from their followers.

How often do Tangerine Travels post new videos?

Tangerine Travels posts new videos once a week, usually on Sundays. They also post occasional bonus videos throughout the week.