pediatric travel nurse

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A pediatric travel nurse is a registered nurse who travels to different healthcare facilities to provide specialized care to pediatric patients. These nurses work on short-term contracts, usually 13 weeks or less, and move from one assignment to another, depending on their preferences and availability.

They typically work in hospitals, clinics, or private practices that provide pediatric care. As a pediatric travel nurse, you will work with children from infancy to 18 years old, providing care and support to help them recover from illnesses and injuries.

Responsibilities of a Pediatric Travel Nurse

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As a pediatric travel nurse, your main responsibilities will include:

  • Assessing and monitoring the health status of pediatric patients, including vital signs, symptoms, and reactions to medications
  • Administering medications and treatments as prescribed by the healthcare team
  • Providing emotional support and comfort to patients and their families
  • Assisting in diagnostic tests and procedures
  • Collaborating with the healthcare team to develop and implement individualized care plans
  • Documenting patient care and progress in medical records

How to Become a Pediatric Travel Nurse

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To become a pediatric travel nurse, you need to:

  1. Graduate from an accredited nursing program and obtain a nursing license
  2. Gain experience working as a pediatric nurse in a hospital or clinic setting
  3. Complete additional training or certification in pediatric nursing
  4. Apply for a travel nursing job with a reputable agency that specializes in pediatric travel nursing

Once you are hired, you will be assigned to different healthcare facilities depending on your preferences and availability. You may also need to pass a criminal background check and drug screening before you start working.

Benefits of Working as a Pediatric Travel Nurse

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Working as a pediatric travel nurse comes with several benefits, including:

  • Flexible work schedules and locations
  • Higher pay compared to permanent nursing positions
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Exposure to different healthcare settings and technologies
  • Chance to help children and families in different parts of the country

Challenges of Working as a Pediatric Travel Nurse

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Working as a pediatric travel nurse also has its challenges, such as:

  • Constantly adjusting to new work environments and colleagues
  • Adapting to different patient populations and medical conditions
  • Dealing with homesickness and loneliness while traveling alone
  • Managing time and resources effectively to meet patient needs
  • Keeping up with new healthcare policies and regulations in different states


Q: How much do pediatric travel nurses make? A: Pediatric travel nurses can make between $30 to $50 per hour or more, depending on their experience and the location of their assignments.
Q: What are the requirements for becoming a pediatric travel nurse? A: To become a pediatric travel nurse, you need to have a nursing license, experience in pediatric nursing, and additional training or certification in pediatric care.
Q: How long do pediatric travel nursing assignments last? A: Pediatric travel nursing assignments typically last 13 weeks or less, with the option to extend or move to a different location.
Q: What are the benefits of working with a travel nursing agency? A: A travel nursing agency can help you find assignments, negotiate pay rates, provide housing and travel allowances, and offer benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.


Becoming a pediatric travel nurse is an exciting and rewarding career choice for nurses who enjoy working with children and traveling to different parts of the country. While it comes with its challenges, the benefits of higher pay, flexible schedules, and professional growth opportunities make it a popular option for many nurses. If you are interested in becoming a pediatric travel nurse, start by gaining experience in pediatric nursing and applying to a reputable travel nursing agency.