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If you are a registered nurse with a passion for adventure and desire to help patients across the country, then becoming a Pacu RN travel nurse might be the perfect career choice for you. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on Pacu RN travel nurse jobs, including job responsibilities, qualifications, benefits, and salaries.

What is a Pacu RN Travel Nurse?

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Pacu RN is a registered nurse who specializes in post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). They are responsible for the care of patients who have recently undergone anesthesia and are still in the process of waking up. A Pacu RN travel nurse is a registered nurse who works on a contractual basis and travels from one healthcare facility to another.

Job Responsibilities

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The job responsibilities of a Pacu RN travel nurse include assessing patients’ conditions, monitoring vital signs, administering medications, assisting patients with their recovery process, and communicating with physicians and other healthcare professionals. Pacu RN travel nurses work in fast-paced and high-pressure environments, so they must be able to handle stress and make quick decisions.


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To become a Pacu RN travel nurse, you must first be a registered nurse with a valid nursing license in the state where you intend to work. You must also have at least two years of experience in a Pacu or critical care unit. Additionally, you must have excellent communication and critical thinking skills, be able to work well under pressure, and have a passion for travel.


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One of the biggest benefits of being a Pacu RN travel nurse is the opportunity to travel and see different parts of the country. You also have the chance to gain valuable experience working in different healthcare settings with diverse patient populations. The pay for Pacu RN travel nurses is typically higher than regular staff nurses, and many agencies offer benefits such as housing and travel allowances.


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The salary for Pacu RN travel nurses varies depending on the location, experience, and agency. On average, Pacu RN travel nurses can earn between $30 and $60 per hour. In addition to the hourly wage, many agencies offer bonuses and other incentives for completing assignments or referring other nurses to the agency.


Q: How long are Pacu RN travel nurse assignments? A: Assignments typically range from 8-13 weeks, but can vary depending on the agency and facility’s needs.
Q: What kind of benefits do Pacu RN travel nurses receive? A: Benefits can include housing allowances, travel reimbursements, health and dental insurance, and retirement plans.
Q: What kind of facilities hire Pacu RN travel nurses? A: Pacu RN travel nurses can be hired by hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities that offer PACU services.
Q: Can Pacu RN travel nurses bring their families on assignments? A: Yes, many agencies offer family-friendly housing options for Pacu RN travel nurses.
Q: How often can I expect to be on the road as a Pacu RN travel nurse? A: The frequency of assignments varies depending on the agency and the nurse’s availability. Some nurses work year-round and take back-to-back assignments, while others prefer to take breaks between assignments.


In conclusion, becoming a Pacu RN travel nurse is an excellent career choice for registered nurses who want to combine their passion for travel and patient care. With the high demand for Pacu RN travel nurses, competitive salaries, and valuable benefits, this career path is worth considering.