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Being a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) travel nurse can be both rewarding and challenging. In Ohio, there are many hospitals and healthcare facilities that are in need of NICU nurses to care for premature and sick newborns. If you are a registered nurse looking for a new adventure in your career, then NICU travel nurse jobs in Ohio may be the perfect fit for you.

What is a NICU Travel Nurse?

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A NICU travel nurse is a registered nurse who works on a temporary basis at different healthcare facilities across the country. NICU travel nurses can expect to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies. As a travel nurse, you may be required to work in different cities or states for a specific period, usually from 8 to 26 weeks.

Why Become a NICU Travel Nurse?

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There are several reasons why nurses choose to become NICU travel nurses. For one, travel nursing allows you to explore and learn from different healthcare systems, gain valuable experience in specific areas of nursing, and develop a significant number of connections within the industry. Additionally, travel nursing jobs offer higher pay rates, including housing allowances, bonuses, and other benefits. Moreover, you get to have a flexible schedule and have more control over your career.

NICU Travel Nurse Job Requirements

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To become a NICU travel nurse in Ohio, you must possess an active nursing license from the state of Ohio or a Compact State License. In addition, you should have a minimum of two years of experience working in a level III or level IV NICU unit, and certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). Other desirable qualifications include experience in ventilator management, neonatal resuscitation program (NRP) certification, and electronic medical record (EMR) proficiency.

NICU Travel Nurse Job Duties

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As a NICU travel nurse, you will be responsible for caring for premature or critically ill newborns under your charge. This includes monitoring vital signs, administering medication, ensuring proper feeding and nutrition, assessing physical and emotional needs, and collaborating with physicians and other healthcare professionals to create and implement care plans. Moreover, you may be required to educate parents on infant care, perform diagnostic tests, and operate specialized medical equipment.

How Much Do NICU Travel Nurses Make in Ohio?


In Ohio, NICU travel nurses can expect to earn an hourly rate of about $40 to $60, depending on their level of experience and qualifications. They may also receive additional benefits, such as housing and travel allowances, health and dental insurance, and bonuses. Experienced travel nurses who consistently take jobs in Ohio may earn more through various loyalty bonuses and more significant pay packages.

Ohio NICU Travel Nursing Job Openings

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There are many healthcare facilities in Ohio that offer NICU travel nursing jobs, including hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies. Some of the top facilities that offer travel nursing jobs in Ohio include Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and Akron Children’s Hospital. Nurses who are interested in Ohio travel nursing jobs can explore job openings on various recruitment websites such as Travel Nurse Across America, Medical Solutions, and American Mobile Healthcare.


Q: What is a level III NICU unit? A: A level III NICU unit is a specialized area of the hospital that provides care for severely ill or premature newborns who require more advanced medical care such as mechanical ventilation.
Q: How long do NICU travel nursing assignments last? A: NICU travel nursing assignments usually last for eight to 26 weeks, depending on the specific job and the hospital or healthcare facility’s needs.
Q: Do I need to have a BSN to become a NICU travel nurse in Ohio? A: While a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is preferred, it is not always a requirement to become a NICU travel nurse in Ohio. The minimum requirement is an active nursing license from Ohio or a Compact State License and at least two years of NICU experience. However, having a BSN degree can potentially increase your chances of obtaining higher-paying assignments and promotions.
Q: Are there any risks associated with being a NICU travel nurse? A: Travel nursing, including NICU travel nursing, can come with inherent risks. As a travel nurse, you may need to adapt to different working environments, unfamiliar equipment, and procedures. Moreover, you may be exposed to infectious diseases, and your travel schedule may disrupt your work-life balance. However, by practicing good hygiene, keeping up with vaccinations, and communicating with your employer and colleagues, you can minimize the risks associated with NICU travel nursing.


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NICU travel nurse jobs in Ohio offer a unique opportunity for experienced registered nurses to broaden their skills, gain exposure to different healthcare systems, and earn good pay rates. Ohio has numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities that are in constant need of NICU nurses, creating an excellent opportunity for those who are searching for a new adventure in their nursing careers. By meeting the job requirements and finding job opportunities through recruitment websites, NICU travel nurses can find fulfilling and meaningful work in Ohio.