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Have you ever dreamed of traveling the country while also advancing your nursing career? If so, you may be interested in the world of travel nursing. For those who are unfamiliar, travel nursing is a unique form of nursing where healthcare professionals take temporary assignments at different hospitals or medical facilities across the United States.

One of the most popular companies that offer travel nursing opportunities is Medefis. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Medefis Travel Nursing, and what sets them apart from other travel nursing agencies.

What is Medefis Travel Nursing?

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Medefis is a healthcare staffing company that specializes in travel nursing. They connect healthcare professionals with temporary job opportunities in various locations across the United States. Their mission is to provide high-quality staffing solutions that help medical facilities provide exceptional patient care.

How Does Medefis Work?

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Medefis works by partnering with medical facilities across the country to fill their staffing needs. They have a vast network of nurses and healthcare professionals who are looking for temporary work opportunities. When a medical facility needs staffing, they turn to Medefis to find qualified candidates.

To get started with Medefis, healthcare professionals can create a profile on their website. This profile includes information about their nursing or healthcare experience, as well as their preferred locations and types of assignments. Once a profile is created, Medefis will match the healthcare professional with suitable job opportunities.

What Are the Benefits of Medefis Travel Nursing?

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There are several benefits to working with Medefis for travel nursing:

  • Flexibility: Travel nursing provides opportunities for healthcare professionals to work in different locations across the country. This allows them to experience new places and cultures, all while also advancing their careers.
  • Competitive pay: Medefis offers competitive pay rates for their travel nursing assignments.
  • Housing assistance: Medefis provides housing assistance for their travel nurses. This can include finding housing accommodations or providing a housing stipend.
  • Health benefits: Medefis offers health insurance benefits for their travel nurses.
  • Professional development: Travel nursing allows healthcare professionals to gain experience in different medical settings, which can help them advance their careers.

What Are the Requirements for Medefis Travel Nursing?

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To work with Medefis for travel nursing, healthcare professionals must meet certain requirements:

  • Active nursing or healthcare license
  • At least one year of nursing experience
  • Ability to adapt to new environments and medical settings
  • Willingness to travel


Q: How long are travel nursing assignments with Medefis? A: Travel nursing assignments with Medefis typically range from 8-13 weeks.
Q: Does Medefis offer international travel nursing opportunities? A: No, Medefis currently only offers travel nursing opportunities within the United States.
Q: How is pay determined for Medefis travel nursing assignments? A: Pay rates for travel nursing assignments with Medefis vary based on location, specialty, and experience level.
Q: Can travel nurses choose their own assignments with Medefis? A: Yes, travel nurses can choose the assignments they are interested in with Medefis.


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Medefis Travel Nursing offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to travel the country while also advancing their careers. With competitive pay rates, housing assistance, and health benefits, Medefis is a top choice for those looking to work in travel nursing. If you’re interested in travel nursing, consider working with Medefis to find your next assignment.