louisiana state travel guide 2022

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Are you planning a trip to Louisiana in 2022? Look no further, as we have put together the ultimate travel guide to help you explore the best of what the state has to offer. Louisiana is known for its unique Cajun cuisine, vibrant music scene, and rich history, making it a top destination for travelers. Read on to discover our top recommendations for your Louisiana adventure.

When to Visit Louisiana

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The best time to visit Louisiana is in the spring or fall when the weather is mild and comfortable for outdoor activities. The summer months can be hot and humid, while the winter months can be chilly and rainy. Keep in mind that Louisiana is prone to hurricanes, so it’s best to avoid visiting during hurricane season from June to November.

Must-See Attractions in Louisiana

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There are plenty of must-see attractions in Louisiana, from historic sites to natural wonders. Here are some of our top picks:

French Quarter

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The French Quarter in New Orleans is a historic neighborhood known for its colorful architecture, jazz music, and world-famous Mardi Gras celebration. Take a stroll down Bourbon Street to experience the lively nightlife, or visit Jackson Square to admire the stunning St. Louis Cathedral.

Tabasco Factory

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Visit the Tabasco Factory on Avery Island to see how the iconic hot sauce is made. Take a tour of the factory, sample different hot sauces, and visit the on-site Tabasco Country Store for souvenirs.

Swamp Tours

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Explore Louisiana’s beautiful wetlands on a swamp tour. Keep an eye out for alligators, turtles, and other wildlife as you glide through the murky waters. Many tour operators offer airboat rides or kayaking expeditions for a unique experience.

Top Things to Do in Louisiana

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In addition to the must-see attractions, Louisiana offers plenty of fun activities for visitors. Here are some of our favorites:

Try Cajun Cuisine

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Sample the unique flavors of Cajun cuisine, which blends French and Southern cooking styles. Some must-try dishes include gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish étouffée. Be sure to visit a local restaurant or food stand to get the full experience.

Attend a Music Festival

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Louisiana is known for its vibrant music scene, with genres ranging from jazz to zydeco. Attend a music festival to experience the local talent and dance the night away. Some popular festivals include the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and the Bayou Country Superfest.

Visit a Plantation

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Learn about Louisiana’s rich history by visiting a plantation. Many plantations offer guided tours of their plantation homes and grounds, as well as exhibits on the lives of enslaved people who worked on the plantations. Some popular plantations include Oak Alley Plantation and Laura Plantation.

Where to Stay in Louisiana

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There are plenty of options for accommodations in Louisiana, from budget-friendly motels to luxurious hotels. If you’re looking for a unique experience, consider staying at a bed and breakfast or a historic plantation home. Some popular areas to stay in Louisiana include New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette.

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We hope this travel guide has inspired you to plan your trip to Louisiana in 2022. With so much to see and do, you’re sure to have a memorable experience in this vibrant and unique state.