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If you’re planning a trip to Greece, learning some Greek is a great way to enhance your experience. Not only will you be able to communicate with locals, but you’ll also gain a greater appreciation for the culture and history of the country. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll cover the basics of learning Greek for travel.

Why Learn Greek for Travel?

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There are many benefits to learning Greek for travel. Firstly, it shows respect for the local culture and can make a positive impression on locals. It can also make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful, as you’ll be able to navigate your way around more easily and order food and drinks without confusion. Additionally, learning Greek can help you to understand the history and mythology of the country, which can enrich your experience even further.

Basic Greek Phrases for Travelers

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Here are some basic Greek phrases that will be useful for travelers:

Phrase Translation
Hello Yassou
Goodbye Yia sas
Thank you Efharisto
Yes Ne
No Ohi
Excuse me Sygnomi
Do you speak English? Milas Anglika?
Where is the bathroom? Pou einai i toualeta?

Learning Greek Alphabet

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The Greek alphabet may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually quite simple to learn. Here are the letters of the Greek alphabet:

  • Alpha (Α α)
  • Beta (Β β)
  • Gamma (Γ γ)
  • Delta (Δ δ)
  • Epsilon (Ε ε)
  • Zeta (Ζ ζ)
  • Eta (Η η)
  • Theta (Θ θ)
  • Iota (Ι ι)
  • Kappa (Κ κ)
  • Lambda (Λ λ)
  • Mu (Μ μ)
  • Nu (Ν ν)
  • Xi (Ξ ξ)
  • Omicron (Ο ο)
  • Pi (Π π)
  • Rho (Ρ ρ)
  • Sigma (Σ σ/ς)
  • Tau (Τ τ)
  • Upsilon (Υ υ)
  • Phi (Φ φ)
  • Chi (Χ χ)
  • Psi (Ψ ψ)
  • Omega (Ω ω)

Useful Resources for Learning Greek

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If you’re serious about learning Greek for travel, there are many resources available to help you. Here are a few to consider:

  • Duolingo – A popular app for learning languages, including Greek.
  • Memrise – Another app for learning Greek, with a focus on memorization.
  • Learn Greek Free – A YouTube channel with free lessons for beginners.
  • Greektionary – A website with useful resources for learning Greek, including a dictionary and grammar guide.
  • Lonely Planet Greek Phrasebook – A helpful phrasebook with audio, available in print or digital format.


Learning Greek for travel is a smart choice if you’re planning a trip to Greece. By learning basic phrases, the Greek alphabet, and using useful resources, you can enhance your experience and gain a deeper appreciation for the country’s culture and history. With a little effort and practice, you’ll be speaking Greek in no time!

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