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Japan is an enchanting country that is filled with amazing sights, sounds, and experiences that are sure to leave you in awe. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene gardens of Kyoto, Japan is a country that is rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. One of the best ways to experience all that Japan has to offer is by taking a tour with the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB).

Who is the Japan Travel Bureau?

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The Japan Travel Bureau, or JTB, is the largest travel agency in Japan and has been helping travelers explore the country for over 100 years. JTB offers a wide range of tours and travel services, including flights, hotels, transportation, and more. They are experts in Japanese culture and can help you plan the perfect trip to Japan.

Types of Tours

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JTB offers a variety of tours to suit all types of travelers. Whether you’re interested in exploring the cities or the countryside, experiencing Japanese culture, or enjoying the natural beauty of Japan, JTB has a tour that is perfect for you. Some of the most popular types of tours include:

Type of Tour Description
Cultural Tours Experience the rich history and culture of Japan through visits to temples, shrines, and museums.
Nature Tours Explore the natural beauty of Japan through tours of national parks, gardens, and hot springs.
City Tours Discover the vibrant cities of Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, through guided tours and experiences.
Food Tours Indulge in the delicious cuisine of Japan through food tours and experiences that will tantalize your taste buds.

Why Choose JTB?

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Choosing to travel with JTB has many benefits, including:

  • Expertise: JTB is a Japanese company and has unparalleled knowledge of the country and its culture.
  • Quality: JTB only works with the best hotels, transportation companies, and tour guides to ensure a high-quality travel experience.
  • Convenience: JTB takes care of all the details, from transportation to accommodation to tours, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.
  • Flexibility: JTB offers a variety of tours to suit all types of travelers and can even create custom itineraries to meet your specific needs.


What is included in JTB tours?

JTB tours typically include accommodation, transportation, tours, and some meals. The exact details may vary depending on the tour.

Do I need a visa to visit Japan?

Visa requirements depend on your nationality. Some countries have visa exemption agreements with Japan, while others require a visa. Check with your local Japanese embassy or consulate for more information.

What is the best time of year to visit Japan?

The best time to visit Japan depends on your interests and what you want to experience. Spring (March to May) is a popular time to see cherry blossoms, while fall (September to November) is known for its stunning autumn foliage. Summer (June to August) can be hot and humid, but it’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities.

How do I book a JTB tour?

You can book a JTB tour through their website, by phone, or by visiting one of their offices.

Can I customize my JTB tour?

Yes, JTB can create custom itineraries to meet your specific needs and interests.


Japan Travel Bureau ToursSource: bing.com

Traveling to Japan with the Japan Travel Bureau is a fantastic way to explore this beautiful country. With a wide range of tours and travel services, JTB can help you create the perfect itinerary for your trip to Japan. From cultural experiences to natural wonders, JTB has something for everyone. Book your tour today and start your adventure in Japan!