how to watch nfl games while traveling

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Traveling can be a hassle for football fans who don’t want to miss their favorite NFL teams play. But don’t worry, there are ways to catch all the action on the go. Here are some tips on how to watch NFL games while traveling:

1. Use NFL Game Pass

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NFL Game Pass allows subscribers to watch live out-of-market preseason games, replays of every regular season game, and the Super Bowl. It also offers access to NFL Films archives, including previous seasons of Hard Knocks and A Football Life. You can use the NFL Game Pass app on your smartphone, tablet, or web browser to stream games.

2. Download the NFL Mobile App

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The NFL Mobile App is available for free on iOS and Android devices. It provides access to live local and primetime games, highlights, and news. If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you can also stream live games on your phone for free.

3. Use a Streaming Service

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There are several streaming services that offer live TV channels, including those that broadcast NFL games. Some popular options are Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now. Make sure to check which networks are included in each service’s package before signing up.

4. Connect to Hotel Wi-Fi

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If you’re staying at a hotel, most of them offer free Wi-Fi. You can use this to stream games on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. However, hotel Wi-Fi can be slow and unreliable, so make sure to test the connection before the game starts.

5. Bring a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

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If you’re traveling internationally or to a remote location, you may not have access to Wi-Fi. In this case, you can bring a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with you. This device allows you to connect to the internet using cellular data, which can be expensive if you’re not careful. Make sure to check your data plan and roaming charges before using this option.

6. Watch Highlights and Replays

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If you can’t watch the game live, you can always catch up on highlights and replays later. and the NFL Mobile App offer video highlights of all games, as well as condensed versions that show all the key plays in a shorter timeframe.

7. Listen to the Game on the Radio

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If you’re driving or don’t have access to a screen, you can always listen to the game on the radio. Most NFL games are broadcast on local radio stations, and you can find a list of them on You can also use the TuneIn app to listen to games on your smartphone.


1. Do I need to have a cable or satellite subscription to use NFL Game Pass? No, NFL Game Pass is a standalone service that doesn’t require a cable or satellite subscription.
2. Can I watch live local games on NFL Game Pass? No, NFL Game Pass only allows you to watch live out-of-market games. Local games are subject to blackout restrictions.
3. How much data does streaming a football game use? Streaming a football game can use up to 3GB of data per hour, so make sure to check your data plan and adjust your streaming quality accordingly.
4. Can I watch NFL games on my smart TV? Yes, most streaming services and the NFL Mobile App offer apps for smart TVs. Check your TV’s app store for availability.

Originally posted 2022-04-02 08:19:00.