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Travel nursing offers many opportunities for ICU nurses to explore work and experience new cultures. Nurses who enjoy traveling can take full advantage of exciting opportunities in Florida. As a travel ICU nurse in Florida, you will get to work with different people, learn new things, and explore the beauty of the Sunshine State.

What is a Travel Nurse?

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A travel nurse is a nursing professional who works on a temporary basis in different healthcare facilities. They fill in temporary staffing shortages, such as for maternity leave, in rural areas, or to cover seasonal increases in staffing needs. Travel nurses work on short-term assignments, typically 13 weeks, and often earn higher wages and receive benefits such as housing, travel reimbursement, and bonuses. They also have the opportunity to explore new locations and cultures as they work.

What is an ICU Travel Nurse?

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ICU travel nurses work in intensive care units, where they provide critical care to patients who are severely ill or injured. They work in a fast-paced environment and must be able to respond quickly to emergencies. ICU travel nurses typically work with critically ill patients, such as those who have undergone complex surgeries, have severe trauma, or are on life support. They work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, including doctors, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists.

Why Work as a Travel ICU Nurse in Florida?

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Florida is known for its sunny beaches, warm weather, and abundant recreational opportunities. Travel ICU nurses can enjoy all that Florida has to offer while working in a meaningful and challenging career. Florida is also known for having a high demand for ICU nurses, creating ample opportunities for travel nurses. Working in Florida as a travel ICU nurse can help you build your resume, gain new experiences, and advance your career.

What are the Requirements for ICU Travel Nurse Jobs in Florida?

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To work as an ICU travel nurse in Florida, you must have at least 2 years of experience as an ICU nurse. You must also have a valid nursing license in the state of Florida or a compact nursing license, which allows you to work in multiple states. Additional certifications, such as the Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) certification, can be beneficial in securing a job as a travel ICU nurse in Florida.

How to Find ICU Travel Nurse Jobs in Florida?

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There are many online resources for finding travel nursing jobs in Florida. A few popular job search websites for travel nurses include TravelNurseSource, NurseFly, and GIFTED Healthcare. You can also work with a travel nursing agency, which will help you find job opportunities, negotiate contracts, and provide support throughout your assignment.

What are the Benefits of Working as an ICU Travel Nurse in Florida?

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Working as a travel ICU nurse in Florida offers many benefits, including higher pay rates, tax-free stipends for housing and meals, comprehensive benefits packages, and the opportunity to travel and explore new places. Travel nurses can also gain valuable experience working in different healthcare settings, which can help them advance their careers and build their resumes. Additionally, travel nurses can establish professional connections and expand their professional networks.

What is the Average Salary for ICU Travel Nurses in Florida?

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The average salary for an ICU travel nurse in Florida is approximately $1,800 to $2,200 per week, depending on experience level, location, and facility. Travel nurses typically earn higher wages than staff nurses due to the temporary nature of their assignments and the need for specialized skills.


Working as an ICU travel nurse in Florida can be an exciting and lucrative career choice. With ample job opportunities, beautiful locations, and the ability to gain valuable experience, travel nursing in Florida is a great way to build your resume, expand your professional network, and explore new cultures.

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