do travel nurses get housing

Travel nursing is a popular career choice for nurses who want to explore new places, gain experience, and earn a higher salary. However, one of the biggest questions that aspiring travel nurses have is whether or not they will be provided with housing during their assignments.

What is Travel Nurse Housing?

Travel nurse housing, also known as travel nurse accommodations, refers to the temporary housing options that are provided to travel nurses during their assignments. This housing can come in many different forms, including extended stay hotels, furnished apartments, and more.

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How Does Travel Nurse Housing Work?

When you accept a travel nursing assignment, your travel nursing agency will typically provide you with housing as part of your compensation package. This means that your housing costs will be covered by the agency, and you will not need to worry about finding or paying for your own housing during your assignment.

However, it’s important to note that the specifics of your housing arrangement may vary depending on the agency you’re working with and the assignment you’re taking on. Some agencies may provide you with a furnished apartment, while others may place you in an extended stay hotel.

What are the Different Options for Travel Nurse Housing?

There are several different options available for travel nurse housing, and the type of housing you receive will depend on your travel nursing agency and the specific assignment you’re taking on. Here are some of the most common options:

Extended Stay Hotels

Extended stay hotels are a popular choice for travel nurses because they offer many of the amenities of a traditional hotel, but with the added convenience of a longer stay. These hotels typically offer fully furnished rooms with kitchenettes and other amenities, and are often located close to hospitals and other medical facilities.

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Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments are another popular option for travel nurse housing. These apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They are often located in residential areas near hospitals and other medical facilities.

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Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a type of housing that is designed specifically for business travelers and other professionals who need temporary accommodations. These apartments are typically fully furnished and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, and are often located in residential areas near hospitals and other medical facilities.

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Host Family

Some travel nursing agencies may offer host family options as a form of housing for travel nurses. With host families, travel nurses are placed with a local family who provides them with a room and meals during their assignment.

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Overall, travel nurse housing is an important consideration for any nurse who is considering a career in travel nursing. By understanding the different options available and working with a reputable travel nursing agency, you can ensure that you have a comfortable place to stay during your assignments and focus on what really matters – providing high-quality patient care.