cna travel contracts near me

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Are you a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) looking to travel and work in different locations? If so, you might want to consider CNA travel contracts. These contracts offer numerous benefits, such as higher pay, housing, and travel expenses. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about CNA travel contracts near you.

What are CNA travel contracts?

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CNA travel contracts are temporary work assignments that allow Certified Nursing Assistants to work in different locations for a specific period of time. These contracts typically last from 4-13 weeks, although some may extend to six months or more. The contracts offer flexibility for CNAs who want to travel while working in their profession.

Why should you consider CNA travel contracts?

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One of the biggest advantages of CNA travel contracts is that they typically offer higher pay rates than traditional CNA jobs. In addition to higher compensation, these contracts often provide other benefits such as free housing or a housing allowance, travel expenses, and health insurance. If you love to travel, CNA travel contracts offer you the opportunity to work while exploring new places and cultures. You’ll also have the chance to gain experience in different healthcare facilities and work with diverse patient populations.

Where can you find CNA travel contracts near you?

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There are various resources you can use to find CNA travel contracts near you. Some of the most popular websites that list travel nursing jobs include:

Website Description
NurseFly An online job board that lists travel nursing jobs across the country.
Indeed A search engine for job listings that includes travel nursing jobs.
TravelNurseSource A platform that connects travel nurses with agencies and hospitals.
FlexCare Medical Staffing A staffing agency that specializes in travel nursing jobs.

What are the requirements for CNA travel contracts?

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Each CNA travel contract may have different requirements, but most jobs require the following:

  • A valid nursing assistant certification
  • A minimum of one year of clinical experience
  • A current healthcare provider CPR certification
  • A valid driver’s license (in some cases)

How are CNA travel contracts different from regular CNA jobs?

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CNA travel contracts are different from regular CNA jobs in that they offer more flexibility and benefits. As mentioned earlier, travel contracts often come with higher pay rates, free housing or a housing allowance, and travel expenses. Regular CNA jobs typically don’t offer these benefits, although they may offer full-time or part-time positions with more stability and consistency.

What are the potential drawbacks of CNA travel contracts?

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While CNA travel contracts have many benefits, they also have potential drawbacks. Some of these include:

  • Working with unfamiliar staff members and patient populations
  • Having to adjust to different facility protocols and procedures
  • The potential for homesickness and loneliness while away from home
  • The possibility of experiencing burnout due to long hours and high patient volumes


If you’re a CNA looking to travel and work in different locations, CNA travel contracts may be an excellent option for you. These contracts offer many benefits, including higher pay rates, free housing or a housing allowance, and travel expenses. To find CNA travel contracts near you, use online job boards such as NurseFly, Indeed, TravelNurseSource, or FlexCare Medical Staffing. However, ensure that you consider the potential drawbacks before making a decision.