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Travel nursing has become an excellent career option for registered nurses (RNs) who love to travel while working in their profession. Canadian travel nurses can explore different parts of the country while fulfilling their passion for nursing. It offers flexibility, adventure, and an opportunity to gain professional experience in different healthcare settings. This article will explore the lifestyle of Canadian travel nurses and the opportunities available for those interested in this field.

Who are Canadian Travel Nurses?

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Canadian travel nurses are RNs who work on temporary assignments in different healthcare settings across Canada. They typically work with healthcare staffing agencies that specialize in travel nursing. These agencies work as intermediaries between healthcare facilities and travel nurses, helping them find assignments that match their skills, preferences, and availability.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Canadian Travel Nurse?

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There are several benefits of being a Canadian travel nurse, including:

Benefits Description
Flexibility Travel nurses have the freedom to choose their assignments, work schedules, and locations.
Competitive pay and benefits Travel nursing offers higher pay rates than regular RN jobs, plus benefits like housing, health insurance, and travel reimbursement.
Professional growth Travel nurses gain exposure to different healthcare settings, technologies, and patient populations, enhancing their skills and diversifying their experience.
Adventure and travel Travel nursing allows RNs to explore different parts of Canada, meet new people, and experience new cultures and lifestyles.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Canadian Travel Nurse?

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To become a Canadian travel nurse, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a registered nurse in good standing with the nursing regulatory body in your province or territory.
  2. Have at least one year of recent clinical experience in your specialty area.
  3. Be willing to travel to different locations within Canada.
  4. Have a valid driver’s license and access to a reliable vehicle (if required by the assignment).
  5. Be flexible, adaptable, and able to work independently in different healthcare settings.

How Can You Find Canadian Travel Nurse Assignments?

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To find Canadian travel nurse assignments, you can work with healthcare staffing agencies that specialize in travel nursing. These agencies have a vast network of healthcare facilities that require temporary RN staffing. They match your skills, preferences, and availability with assignments that fit your needs.

What Are the Best Locations to Work as a Canadian Travel Nurse?

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Canada has many excellent locations for travel nursing, depending on your interests and preferences. Some of the most popular locations include:

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba


Canadian travel nursing provides RNs with exciting opportunities to explore the country, gain professional experience, and enjoy a flexible lifestyle. If you’re interested in this field, start by researching healthcare staffing agencies that offer travel nurse assignments and meet the requirements for this career path. With the right skills, attitude, and mindset, you can embark on an exciting journey as a Canadian travel nurse.