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India is a country rich in culture, tradition, and business opportunities. As the economy continues to grow, many business travellers are seeking to explore the market and establish connections in India. Whether you are a seasoned business traveller or a first-timer, traveling to India for business can be both exciting and challenging. In this article, we will provide you with tips and recommendations to help you make the most out of your business trip to India.

Business Etiquette

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When doing business in India, it is important to be aware of the cultural norms and etiquette. Indians value punctuality and expect their business partners to arrive on time for meetings. It is also common practice to exchange business cards during the first meeting. During meetings, it is important to show respect to your Indian counterparts by avoiding confrontational behaviour and using polite language.

Travel and Accommodation

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India is a vast country with different regions and climates, so it’s important to plan your travel and accommodation accordingly. The major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore have international airports and a range of accommodation options, from budget to luxury. It is recommended to book your accommodation in advance to get the best deals.

Food and Drinks

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Indian cuisine is diverse and flavourful, and trying local food is a must when visiting India. However, be mindful of hygiene and food safety. It is recommended to drink bottled water and avoid street food unless it’s from a reputable vendor. Also, be aware that many Indians are vegetarians, so make sure to communicate any dietary restrictions to your hosts in advance.


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India’s transportation system can be overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. The traffic is chaotic and the roads are often congested, so it’s best to hire a driver or use a ride-sharing service like Uber or Ola. If you need to take a taxi, make sure to negotiate the fare beforehand to avoid being overcharged.


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India is known for its tech-savvy workforce and its booming IT industry. Wi-Fi and mobile data are widely available, and most business establishments have access to high-speed internet. However, power cuts and internet downtime can occur in some areas, so it’s best to have a backup plan for important meetings and presentations.


1. Do I need a visa to travel to India for business? Yes, most foreign nationals require a business visa to travel to India for work-related purposes.
2. What is the currency used in India? The currency used in India is called the Indian rupee (INR).
3. What is the time difference between India and my home country? The time difference between India and other countries varies, depending on the location. For example, India is 5 ½ hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
4. Can I use my credit card in India? Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in India, especially in major cities and tourist areas. However, it’s recommended to carry cash for smaller transactions.


India is a fascinating destination for business travellers, with a vibrant economy and a diverse culture. By following these tips and recommendations, you can have a successful and enjoyable business trip to India. Remember to be respectful of the local customs and traditions, and embrace the new experiences that come your way. Safe travels!