business travel trends 2023

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As the world progresses, so does the way businesses operate. One aspect that is constantly evolving is business travel. With the pandemic effect still lingering, many organizations and employees are looking forward to the future to see what trends will be in place in 2023.

Remote Work and Hybrid Workforce

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One of the biggest changes that will be seen in business travel trends in 2023 is the hybrid workforce. With remote work becoming more and more popular, businesses will start to incorporate it into their travel policies. This means that employees will be able to work from home or anywhere else they choose while also traveling for business purposes. Companies will have to create policies that allow for a balance between remote work and business travel.

Environmental Consciousness

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Another trend that is expected to take over the business travel scene is environmental consciousness. Many businesses are starting to adopt eco-friendly practices, and this will extend to their travel policies. Companies will start to prioritize environmentally friendly modes of transportation like electric cars, public transportation, and even cycling. This will not only help the environment but also save companies money in the long run.

Use of Technology

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The use of technology in business travel will continue to rise in 2023. More businesses will start to incorporate virtual meetings and conferences instead of physically traveling to attend them. Video conferencing applications will be widely adopted and improved, making them more user-friendly and providing a more immersive experience.

Health and Safety Measures

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With the pandemic still a concern, health and safety measures will continue to be a top priority for businesses in 2023. Companies will have to provide their employees with protective gear, sanitizers, and other health-related equipment. This will include incorporating virtual health services into their travel policies in case an employee falls ill while on a trip.


Question Answer
What is the hybrid workforce? The hybrid workforce is a combination of remote and in-office workers.
Why is environmental consciousness important in business travel? It helps reduce carbon emissions and saves companies money.
What technology will be adopted in business travel? Virtual meetings and conferences will be more widely adopted.
What measures will companies take to ensure health and safety during business travel? They will provide protective gear, sanitizers, and virtual health services.