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If you’re planning on embarking on a new adventure soon, is a site you might want to check out. Backed by Bank of America, this site offers a range of products and services designed to make your travels easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of the key benefits of using

Access to Credit Cards with Travel Rewards

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One of the biggest advantages of using is that it gives you access to Bank of America’s range of credit cards with travel rewards. These cards offer a variety of perks, such as bonus points for purchases made while travelling, no foreign transaction fees, and travel insurance. With the right card, you can save money on your travels and earn rewards at the same time.

Convenient Online Banking

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Another benefit of using is that you can manage your finances conveniently online. With Bank of America’s online banking, you can easily check your account balances, transfer funds, and pay bills from anywhere in the world. This means you won’t have to worry about carrying cash or finding a local bank while travelling.

Global ATM Network

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If you need cash while travelling, has you covered thanks to Bank of America’s global ATM network. With over 16,000 ATMs in the United States and thousands more around the world, you can access your funds easily no matter where you are. Plus, with certain Bank of America accounts, you can avoid ATM fees altogether.

Travel Tips and Resources

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Finally, offers a wealth of travel tips and resources to help you plan your next adventure. From destination guides to packing lists to travel news and updates, you’ll find everything you need to make your trip a success. You can also connect with other travellers through Bank of America’s travel community to get even more inspiration and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What credit cards are available through A: Bank of America offers a range of cards with travel rewards, including the Travel Rewards Credit Card, the Premium Rewards Credit Card, and the Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card.
Q: Do I need to be a Bank of America customer to use A: No, you can still apply for a Bank of America credit card and access online banking even if you don’t have an existing account with the bank.
Q: Is it safe to use my Bank of America credit card while travelling? A: Yes, Bank of America offers fraud protection and other security measures to keep your account and personal information safe while travelling.
Q: How do I find Bank of America ATMs while travelling? A: You can use Bank of America’s ATM locator tool on their website or mobile app to find ATMs near your location.
Q: Can I still earn rewards on my Bank of America credit card while travelling internationally? A: Yes, Bank of America’s travel rewards credit cards typically offer bonus points for purchases made outside of the United States.


Overall, is a valuable resource for anyone planning a trip. With access to credit cards with travel rewards, online banking, a global ATM network, and travel tips and resources, you can travel with confidence and ease. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a months-long adventure, can help make your trip a success.