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International travel can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. One of the things that can add to the stress of traveling is worrying about staying connected while abroad. For UK residents, finding the best mobile plan for international travel can be a challenge. In this article, we will explore some of the best UK mobile plans for international travel.

What to Look for in an International Mobile Plan

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Before we dive into the best mobile plans for international travel, it’s important to understand what to look for in a plan. Here are some of the key features to consider:

Feature Importance
Data High
Roaming Charges Low
Coverage High
Customer Support High

Best UK Mobile Plans for International Travel



EE is a popular mobile provider in the UK and offers several international travel options. Their Roam Abroad feature allows customers to use their UK data, minutes, and texts in over 48 European destinations at no extra cost. For those traveling outside of Europe, EE offers Travel Data Passes starting at £4 a day for 500MB of data.



Three is known for their international roaming options. With their Go Roam feature, customers can use their data, minutes, and texts in over 71 destinations worldwide at no extra cost. Three also offers pay-as-you-go rates for countries not included in Go Roam.



Vodafone offers several international travel options, including their Global Roaming Plus feature. This allows customers to use their data, minutes, and texts in over 77 destinations worldwide at no extra cost. For those traveling to destinations not included in Global Roaming Plus, Vodafone offers a range of Travel Extras, including data bundles and international minutes.


Choosing the best UK mobile plan for international travel can make a big difference in staying connected while abroad. When considering a plan, be sure to look for features such as low roaming charges, high data allowances, and good customer support. Based on these criteria, EE, Three, and Vodafone are all great options to consider for international travel.


1. How do I avoid high roaming charges?

To avoid high roaming charges, look for a mobile plan that offers international roaming at no extra cost. Alternatively, consider purchasing a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination.

2. Can I use my UK mobile plan abroad?

Yes, many UK mobile plans offer international roaming options. However, be sure to check the details of your plan as there may be additional charges for using your phone abroad.

3. Do I need to notify my mobile provider before traveling abroad?

It’s always a good idea to notify your mobile provider before traveling abroad to ensure that your plan is set up for international use. This can help avoid any unexpected charges or issues while abroad.